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Jun 21, 2018

Another week, another set of bombshells to discuss. We do our best to talk about this Chris Hardwick scandal, but truth be told, we're both a bit too close to the drama to come at this story with unbiased clear eyes. Still, we do our best to not only explore both sides of the story, but also our own dealings with harassment allegations over the years and how they relate here.

Aaron's best friend is dealing with a lot in Hawaii, due to the lava flow which wiped out his entire property. Here's the GoFundMe he created to help save the animals displaced by these tragic events. Please donate and repost if you can.

Now, on with the show!


  • Chloe Dykstra accused Chris Hardwick of sexual and emotional abuse, causing AMC to suspend his "Talking" shows. Hardwick has since stepped away from his moderating duties for this year's San Diego Comic-Con.
  • "American Horror Story" Season 8 will crossover Murder House with Coven.
  • "Lucifer" has been picked up for a fourth season by Netflix
  • Amazon has ordered the one-hour animated series "Invincible," based on Robert Kirkman's comic book.
  • Alex Kurtzman ("Fringe," "The Mummy," "Hawaii Five-0") has inked an overall $25-million dollar deal with CBS TV studios and is looking to expand the "Star Trek" universe with multiple series, including a possible project involving Patrick Stewart.
  • This September, A new IDW comic will mash up "Star Trek: and "Transformers" in the most glorious way possible.
  • Desus and Mero are getting their own lat night talk show on Showtime.

AARON'S LOSERS: "The Proposal" and "Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell and Back"
JACK'S LOSERS: "Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell and Back," "100% Hotter" and "The Proposal"
AARON'S FENCERS: "Yellowstone" and "The Hollow"
JACK'S FENCERS: "The Hollow" and "Yellowstone"
AARON'S WINNERS: "Supernatural" (Season One rewatch), "Detroiter," "Queer Eye" and "Humans"
JACK'S WINNERS: "Queer Eye," "Anime Crimes Division," "Man In An Orange Shirt" and "The Last Defense"

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