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Welcome to Punch Drunk TV, where your intrepid hosts Jack Conway and Aaron Pruner navigate the often tumultuous Peak TV landscape -- one drink at a time.

Jan 15, 2016

It's our second episode of the year and while a bunch of the shows we love are still on hiatus, somehow we still find a lot to talk about. 

Here, we talk the "Deadwood" movie, speculate on how big Season 6 of "Game of Thrones" will be, discuss the connection between Season 2 of "Agent Carter" and "Doctor Strange," explore a new theory on how "American Horror Story" is really "Dante's Inferno," and explain all the reasons why a new "Tales from the Crypt" is not a good idea.



We discuss the "Golden Globes" TV highlights -- Yay, "Mr. Robot!" Boo, Lady Gaga!


Aaron's Losers this week are "The Golden Globes," "New Girl," and "Shades of Blue." Jack chose "Second Chance" as his Loser. Aaron's Winners are "Manhattan," "Moonbeam City," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "Galavant," and "American Horror Story: Hotel." For his Winners, Jack chose "The Expanse," "Chicago Med," "Galavant," Deutschland 83," and "Taxi."


Jack and Aaron can be found on Twitter here: @flatlinejack and @aaronflux

As always, #ClinkTheDrink