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Dec 9, 2016

How did you feel about that "Westworld" finale? Do you have questions? So do we... And we are here to ask a bunch. But first, the news...


  • Westworld is now the most-viewed season 1 of any HBO TV series. It beat out Season 1 of Game of Thrones. Westworld pulled in an average of 12 million viewers this season. Game of Thrones, however, in Season 1 only pulled in 2.52 million viewers in 2011
  • The Ducktales reboot is premiering next summer and will feature 21 half hour long episodes and two hour-long specials
  • Season 3 (the final season) of The Leftovers will return to HBO in April
  • President Obama is coming to Monday, Dec. 12’s episode of The Daily Show
  • The CW has finally canceled Reign which will begin its final season in February
  • Donald Trump will keep his executive producer credit on Celebrity Apprentice because the world is stupid weird
  • Nickelodeon has a new series coming Sunday, Dec. 11 at 8 p.m. called LIP SYNC BATTLE SHORTIES which will be like Lip Sync Battle but for children

AARON’S LOSERS: "Shooter" and "South Park"

JACK’S LOSERS: "Agents of SHIELD" and "Pacific Heat"

AARON’S FENCERS: "People of Earth" and "Supernatural"


AARON’S WINNERS: "SNL,"  "Salem," "Hip Hop Evolution," "Shut Eye," "Ash vs. Evil Dead," "Lethal Weapon" and "Westworld"


JACK’S WINNERS: "SNL," "This Is Us," "Bob’s Burgers," "Real O’Neals," "Last Man on Earth," "Yuri on Ice" and "Search Party"

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